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An Intergalactic Adventure Through Time and Space

Title: An Intergalactic Adventure Through Time And Space [Part 20 of ?]
Pairing: Baekhyun/OC with side Kyungsoo/main girl feat. Other k/c-idols
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Friendship/Fluff/Fantasy
Summary: Once upon a time, there was a boy with a blue box. With his companions by his side, they traveled through time and space.
A/N: This is a two parter this time! feat. Craig!Seungri, Sophie!Park Shinhye, Stormageddon(the baby)!Jinwoo, and the rest of Big Bang and 2NE1. Taehyun and Ravi at the end!

“I can cope on my own, I promise” Seungri said to his girlfriend Shinhye as they climbed down the stairs, holding big bags.

“There’s a list on the fridge, and I’ve labeled the food and kind of numbered them too” she said.

Seungri shook his head. “You really didn’t have to do that”

“I know, I know, but it’s just a suggestion” Shinhye grinned sheepishly. “Also, my mom might call,” she said.

He raised a brow. “Your mom?”

“And your mom, and my dad, and maybe a few more people” Shinhye said, shrugging.

Seungri pulled her into his arms for a hug. “I promise, I can cope on my own, our baby’s sleeping upstairs, isn’t he?” he said. “Please go and enjoy your vacation with Jiwon, you need it”

Shinhye kissed his cheek as she pulled away, taking the bags from Seungri’s hand. “I love you, and I know you can cope on your own, and I may have drawn some arrows in the fridge”

“Now you really need to go” Seungri gently pushed her out the door.

He walked back to the kitchen, sighing when he saw the numerous post its on a part of the wall near the refrigerator. Seungri sat down and buried his face in his hands. All was quiet until he heard the doorbell ring and he stood up. “I will show the world that Lee Seungri can cope on his own with a baby. Lee Seungri fighting!” he said to himself.

“I’m coping on my own, I am coping on my own,” he kept saying to himself as he approached the door. “I am coping on my own! I am coping-“

Baekhyun was standing outside the door, beaming at him. “Hi Seungri, I’m back!” he said.

Seungri’s eyes widened. “She didn’t- How could she call you?!” he asked in surprise.

“Nobody calls me, I’m just here” Baekhyun said. He leaned in to peek inside the house. “Oh you redecorated? I don’t like it” he shook his head.

“It’s a different house, we moved” Seungri chuckled. “What are you doing here?”

“Just being social, making social calls,” Baekhyun beamed. “It’s the first time I tried it, how are you Seungri?” he asked.

“I’m fine?” Seungri said.

“Oh! This is the part where I say I’m fine too, huh?” Baekhyun asked. “Well, I’m fine too”

Seungri’s brows furrowed. “Really, Doctor?”

“Yes! Just checking in, send my regards to Shinhye, hmm? bye!” Baekhyun smiled as he turned around and walked off. But he turned back towards him once he heard something flicker. Taking out his sonic, he pointed it at Seungri, who was still watching him with a confused expression on his face.

He stepped closer and peeked in, pointing his sonic at whatever he could see before stepping inside. “You are not on your own,” he looked around, the sonic sensing something up the stairs. “Why is this place so messy? Are you not telling me something?” he asked as he climbed up.

“Doctor! Baekhyun! Don’t go up anymore! Please!” Seungri closed the door, following him up right away. “Doctor!”

Baekhyun kept going up, until he reached the second floor, the sonic sensing something in one of the rooms. “You are definitely not on your own, there’s something up here”

“Shh!” Seungri held a finger up to his lips.

“Shh!” Baekhyun held a finger up to his lips as well.

“No you shh!!” Seungri said, as Baekhyun approached a door.

Wrapping his fingers around the knob, Baekhyun pushed the door open. “Whatever you are get off this planet-“ he stopped, putting his sonic down upon realizing what it was.

A baby was lying on the bed, crying at the noises. “Now you woke him up!” Seungri groaned, rushing to pick the baby up and carry him.

“You did say you’re on your own, I heard you!” Baekhyun followed him out of the room and downstairs.


“What did you mean when you said you were on your own?” Baekhyun sat down at the table. Seungri put the baby down on it’s high chair.

“I mean on my own with the baby, this was the one weekend I get to prove to everyone that I can do this on my own because the truth is I can’t cope on my own” Seungri sighed. “But all he does is cry, all the time, I mean, do they have off switches?!” He leaned on the table.

“Humans don’t have off switches like robots” Baekhyun sat up.

“What do you call him?” Baekhyun asked, leaning in to take a closer look at the baby. “Will I blush?”

Seungri’s brows furrowed. “No, we didn’t call him the Doctor, we call him Jinwoo”

“I figured you wouldn’t. He likes Jinwoo, although personally he prefers to be called Stormageddon, dark lord of all” Baekhyun sat back.

“How did you know that?”

“I speak baby” Baekhyun said.

Seungri sighed again. “Of course you do,” he turned back to Jinwoo, who had the end of his bib in his mouth. “I don’t even know when his diaper needs changing and I’m the one that’s supposed to be his dad”

“Sometimes, this works” Baekhyun turned to Jinwoo, and held up a finger to his lips. “Shh”

Jinwoo stopped crying at once. Seungri stared at him. “Can you teach me that?”

Baekhyun stood up. “Probably not” he turned around to look through the cupboards.

“Please, Doctor, I need something, I’ve read all the parenting books and they always keep saying to trust my instincts,” Seungri sat down. “I have no instincts”

“Hey, he’s your dad, you can’t just call him not mom” Baekhyun chuckled, from the sounds Jinwoo was making in his chair.

“Not mom?” Seungri stared at Jinwoo, as Baekhyun sprinkled some pepper on his back and walked to the seat across him. “What are you here for anyway, Doctor?” Seungri asked.

“Well, I just thought I’d drop by and see you, cross my hearts, it’s like a farewell tour” Baekhyun said.

“A farewell tour? Where are you going?”

“After seeing you guys, I thought I’d meet up with my Time Lady and Kyungsoo to go see the alignment of Exidor,” Baekhyun’s eyes lit up. “Seventeen galaxies in perfect unison, ah, I am going to fly my TARDIS straight into it today, my one chance to see it” he picked up the newspaper. “Yep, it’s today, so I have to go,” he looked up at Seungri, his expression changing.
“Never mind that” he stepped away from the table.

“Never mind what?”

“Nothing” Baekhyun stepped away some more, making Seungri stand up.

“You’ve noticed something, that noticing face of yours means you have, I have nightmares about that face” Seungri walked up to him. “You have to tell me”

“No, no, not noticing anything at all” Baekhyun shook his head. “I didn’t even notice that for example” he pointed to the flickering light above them.

“Last I checked when we moved in, both our neighbors are humans, checked every room too, nothing is there, except in the fridge, there are aliens in the fridge” Seungri said.

Baekhyun shook his head. “I promise you, there is nothing, I’m not noticing anything, goodbye Seungri, goodbye Stormageddon” he bent down to kiss the top of Jinwoo’s head.

“You have to teach me that shushing thing, please” Seungri followed him down the hall.

Baekhyun leaned in. “It only works on superior life forms with underdeveloped brains” he whispered, holding up a finger to his lips. “Shh” he said before walking out the door.

“Stop noticing, just go, stop noticing, just go” Baekhyun said to himself over and over as he kept walking towards the TARDIS that was parked at the corner of the street. He stopped and held the door handle, looking around as he saw the streetlights flickering.


Children were gathered around Baekhyun in the toy store. Baekhyun was playing with a remote control helicopter. “It goes up, and down, and all around, all for a very steep price but what the hell, its your parents’ money, it’s better than all the lights and unnecessary furniture” he said, the children cheering at the sight of the helicopter going around the room and above the heads of the parents that were there.

At the same time, Seungri entered, with his cellphone by his ear while he pushed Jinwoo around in his stroller. “Yes, don’t worry Shinhye, I’ve got everything under control, see? I’m coping aren’t I?” he said. The helicopter suddenly crashed onto the stack of toys next to Seungri, making him step back.

Baekhyun knelt down, the children gathering closer. “Listen, while I take care of this awkward moment, go and find your parents or guardians, try in lamps!” he said. The children cheered and scurried off.

He walked up to Seungri, who looked at him in disbelief. “What are you doing here? In a toy store?” Seungri asked him. “I thought you were going to see Exidor or something”

“Well, I saw this store, I got a job, have to live in the moment! I’m the Doctor, here to help,” Baekhyun pointed to his name tag that said just that. “They’re very sweet though, giving me a name tag just in case I forget my own name,” he beamed. “Which has actually happened”

Seungri just raised a brow. “Really, Baekhyun?”

Baekhyun shrugged. “Hey! watch Minnie!” he said, upon seeing a toy dog pass by Seungri’s feet.

“Minnie?” Seungri stepped back as Baekhyun picked him up.

“Yeah! A wind-up dog,” Baekhyun wiggled him a little. “Cute isn’t he? Well, Minnie has to say goodbye now, goodbye Seungri!” he wiggled the dog in front of Seungri’s face and then to Jinwoo’s. “Goodbye Stormageddon!” he put the dog down and walked off.

Seungri followed him, pushing Jinwoo’s stroller a little faster. “What’s going on? I need to know” he asked.

“Nothing’s going on! Really!” Baekhyun said while they walked. “You don’t need to worry about anything” he stopped in front of the out-of-order elevator and pointed his sonic at the button. In an instant, the doors opened and the security tape fell off.

“But that elevator’s out of order” Seungri said. Baekhyun gestured him to go in.

“No it isn’t, it’s working, right? Look at it” Baekhyun said, shaking his head.

Seungri stepped in, pushing the stroller in front of him. “Come on, Baekhyun, what are you up to? There’s more to this, isn’t there?” he said.

“Nope, there’s none” Baekhyun shook his head again.

Seungri raised a brow. “Do I look like I’m stupid?” he asked. Jinwoo made a noise.

Baekhyun laughed. “Don’t say that, Stormageddon” he stopped and cleared his throat. Seungri just looked at him, unconvinced. He rolled his eyes. “Alright, there’s more” he stepped inside the elevator as well, the doors closing.

“Earlier this morning, I keep hearing something pass by me, a sort of mechanical sound, like a remote control toy” Baekhyun said quietly.

“But you work in a toy store, there’s a lot of remote control and wind up things there” Seungri said.

Baekhyun shook his head. “No ordinary mechanical sound. And lately, some employees have been disappearing. Lee Chaerin disappeared last Sunday, Park Bom went missing Monday, cashier supervisor Kwon Jiyong disappeared Tuesday, security guard Choi Seunghyun disappeared yesterday,” he said, and glanced up at the ceiling. He leaned closer to Seungri. “And the CCTV inside this elevator and in the whole store has been wiped out too”

Seungri’s eyes widened. “What does that mean?”

“It means,” Baekhyun paused. “Someone has been using this elevator as a teleport” he said.

Seungri couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “A teleport? Like a ‘beam me up’ teleport like you see in Star Trek?”

“Yes! Someone’s been using this as a Star Trek beam me up teleport” Baekhyun said. “The question is, who or what has been doing this”

The lights shut off for a moment, and came back on the next. “What’s going on? Baekhyun?” he asked. “What’s happening to the lights?”

“Yes, yes, that’s it that’s the lights” Baekhyun trembled.

“Why did you say it like that?” Seungri asked.

“Like what? Like-like what?” Baekhyun cleared his throat, his voice returning to normal.

“In that shaky voice, what’s going on?”

Baekhyun froze a little as he saw the surroundings outside of where they were standing. It was a dark hallway, with stone colored pillars. At the far end of the hall, he saw a glint of silver. He swallowed hard and looked at Seungri, wrapping his arms around him at once. “Just keep looking at me, Seungri, whatever you do, just keep looking at me” he stammered.

“Why? What’s going on?” Seungri said.

“Because-because I love you” Baekhyun leaned closer, his face inches away from Seungri’s.

“Doctor, are you going to kiss me?” Seungri whispered.

“Would you like that?” Baekhyun continued fumbling with his sonic behind Seungri, spotting the silver creature coming closer. “I haven’t had much practice but I’ve had some very good feedback” he puckered his lips and leaned closer.

Seungri couldn’t help but chuckle, slowly looking over his shoulder. “Doctor, I’m taken-Oh my god!” he shouted, seeing the silver robot-like creature, its expressionless face sending shivers down his spine.

The silver creature looked at them, and began to march towards them, holding an arm up. “Cyberman” Baekhyun continued fumbling with his sonic. “Uh, okay, okay, I can do this” he gulped, pointing it at a nearby button on a pillar.

In a flash, they were back inside the elevator. “Quick reverse” Baekhyun panted.

“Okay, what the hell just happened?!” Seungri yelled, gripping the handle of the stroller tightly.

The elevator doors opened and they were back at the department store. Baekhyun stepped out, Seungri quickly following behind. “It’s a Cyberman” he said quietly. He looked back at the elevator. “That elevator’s going to need some serious fixing”

They left the store and walked to the sidewalk. “Okay, Baekhyun, please, I’m serious, I need to know what’s going on” Seungri put a hand on his shoulder. “Aliens, twice in my life, just when you turn up”

“Hey, it’s not my fault” Baekhyun said instantly.

“Then I need to know, please, Doctor” Seungri said. “My baby lives here, my son”

Baekhyun looked down and sighed. “Seungri, take Jinwoo and run. You will be in danger if you stay here”

Seungri looked Baekhyun in the eye and shook his head. “No, I’m not leaving you,” he said. “I remember last time, so many people died, people we didn’t know. I know where it’s safe for me and Jinwoo, and it’s right next to you”

“Why?” Baekhyun asked.

“You always win, you always survive” Seungri said, looking at him with a hopeful expression on his face.

Baekhyun smiled. “Those were the days” he muttered.

“So, I’m not leaving. I want to help you” Seungri said firmly.

Baekhyun glanced at Jinwoo, who had falled asleep in his stroller. “Alright, maybe those days aren’t over yet” he looked back up at Seungri, the smile on his face bigger. “Let’s go back inside”