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Ino rushed into the library, looking around for the shelf where he remembered the book was placed. He started on the second level, trying to remember how the books in the center were arranged. They weren’t arranged by anything, as he had found out, which made it even more difficult. He was checking the shelves from top to bottom until he felt something hit his head.

It was the book he was looking for, floating in front of him.

His eyes widened, unable to say something about what was going on in front of him. The book about the goblin kingdom, floating in front of him, when he hadn’t even found it yet. Adding up to that, the book had opened, and showed him the part about the diamond.

“Lu-Luhan? Are you there?” he managed to call out, but no answer. He was still in shock.

“Luhan, I know you like to play pranks on me at times, but can you stop?” Ino said, unsure whether that was the right thing to say.

There was no answer. Knowing that he’ll end up finding the answers to what he had been experiencing, Ino decided to read the passage of the book.

While the diamond of the Tree of Life had since been tucked
Away from the dangerous eyes of mere mortals and creatures,
There are beings who are worthy enough to guard it. How the
Diamond had become somewhat sentient is unknown, but it is
Certain that it is under heavy guard.

An idea had sprung to mind, and Ino started to think of his father. Professor Jang, who had been away for a little too long, without saying anything much about it, just that he look after the recruits for him. Could it be? He thought. Could it be that his own father had been chosen to look after this very precious gem?

Throughout his childhood and until he grew up, Ino would remember him suddenly going away without saying why or where he was off to. He would then return, but would not speak of what he had done or where he’d been, nor anything he experienced during that time. Professor Jang would brush it off, saying that he’d rather not talk about it, and that it was nothing.

However, this wasn’t nothing anymore. Disturbances were starting to occur, and if he wasn’t dreaming, Ino could feel the ground rumble at his feet, and if he was really quiet, he could hear something, or a lot of things, a growling underneath the earth.

He really needed to let Junhong check him out. Or Luhan. Someone, anyone, who could tell him what he was experiencing.

At that moment, Hyesung passed by. “Go Hyesung,” Ino called out, rushing downstairs and to the door.

“Yes, sir?”

“Please call Junhong, Luhan, and Jongin too. Tell them to come to the library”

Hyesung suddenly sensed that he was being strange. “Is something wrong, sir?”

Ino sighed. “I feel that there may be. And that we, we will have to do something about it”

A few moments later, Ino was looking at the stunned faces of Hyesung, Junhong, and Jongin. “There has been some kind of slight tremor lately. We are underground, after all” Junhong nodded.

“Someone’s come for the diamond? The one the hyungs saw in the museum?” Jongin asked.

“I’m afraid so,” Ino nodded. He didn’t mention what he had experienced with the book to any of them just yet, but he knew Junhong had to find out. Or any one of the recruits. “And I have a feeling my father’s guarding it”

“The professor? He’s not back yet?” Jongin suddenly looked around. Ino shook his head. “This is the first time he’s been away longer. It’s usually an hour or so, but..” he shrugged.

Ino then turned to Junhong. “I think it’s time to move the boys and the girls into the next stage of training. We’ll be investigating something soon” he said.

Junhong nodded, knowing what he meant, and so did Hyesung and Jongin, who looked especially excited. “Combat training. We’ll finally get to break into the communal one” he said, a grin soon spreading across his face.

“This is so cool! I’m personally excited” Jongin said.

“So am I, and this also means I’ll be briefing the rest of my men on this” Hyesung nodded.


Without the others knowing, Yifan, Minseok, and Luhan had gone to the mall. “Finally, we’ve been cooped up in the Center for too long” Luhan said, while they sipped on their iced coffees and iced green tea as they walked.

“Well, the professor’s away, plus Ino’s busy doing stuff. I heard from Baekhyun that we’ll probably start on our next level of training soon” Minseok grinned.

The two taller men looked at him. “Really? What does that mean exactly?” Luhan asked.

Yifan nodded, realizing what that meant. “Combat training”

Luhan’s eyes widened. “For real?! Like we’ll be using our powers in combat?” he asked, and the other two nodded.

“I’m excited for it. Can’t wait to turn people into popsicles” Minseok laughed. Looking around, they noticed girls eyeing them. “We should have brought the girls here. I think they haven’t been to this mall” he suddenly said.

“The girls? Oh yeah, I guess we should have” Yifan said, waving to the same girls, who giggled. “So, where are we going next?”

“Nike store. I saw some Air Jordans that looked really cool” Minseok replied.

As they were about to enter a Nike store, they heard a scream coming from the escalators. Stopping to look, they saw a man holding a suitcase and standing on the railing from the top floor. There were people crowding around and telling him to come down. The security guards had already come in as well, but the man wouldn’t budge.

“He’s planning on killing himself” Luhan said.

More screams were heard when the man jumped off. In a flash, Yifan ran to the railings and jumped off as well, catching the man just in time before he reached the second floor. The man looked at him, shocked and unable to say anything as they landed on the ground floor.

Yifan slowly backed away. “Watch yourself now. It isn’t worth it to end your life like this” he said.

“Wh-where’s my suitcase?” the man asked. Yifan didn’t answer, but they looked up, seeing that his suitcase was floating in mid-air, and Luhan was nearby, with his hand outstretched.

It was only then that Yifan and Luhan noticed that the whole place had gone silent. Everyone had seen it. Some had their phones out to take photos and videos of the whole thing. “We need to go” Minseok muttered.

The suitcase then dropped to the ground, and the three of them fled the scene.

But among those people, a man in a hood scrolled through his phone, looking at the photos and the video he took of the whole thing, and underneath his hood, his eyes turned yellow.


“We’re dead, we’re so dead. What will Ino hyung and Professor Jang think? We got caught!” Minseok panicked in the car on their way home. It was one of the rare times he lost his cool, no pun intended.

Yifan turned a corner, as they headed for the hostel. “It would really be useful for us to have someone who can control minds, right?” he said, a little flustered about what just happened as well.

“If you’re talking about me, I can’t do that” Luhan argued, fumbling with his thumbs. The three of them were already thinking of the possible situations that could happen after an incident like that. They could go viral on the internet, they would go on the news, and worse, people would come after them. “But it’s not like we did a bad thing..you saved the guy from killing himself in front of dozens of people” he turned to Yifan. “And I..I well, I kept his briefcase intact”

Yifan nodded, feeling a little more at ease. “You prevented another accident from happening when you caught it” he did the same for Luhan.

“Still, how are we going to explain this to Ino and the Professor? Those people would think you’re Superman or something” Minseok said.

They had soon entered the driveway, the gates opening one by one to let the car in, and Yifan drove towards the garage, which looked way smaller on the outside.

Parking on the empty space next to two other similar looking cars, the three of them got out, and ran inside the building.

The garage entrance immediately led them to another elevating platform, and they lowered themselves down to the floor where their training rooms were. Soon enough, after getting off, Ino had appeared, coming out of Jongdae’s training room. “Ino..” they mouthed, the closer the older male got.

“Did you three have fun at the mall?” he suddenly asked.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, we did” the three of them answered, nodding profusely.

Ino raised a brow. He’s known the three of them long enough to tell whether something was up. That, or it was yet another one of the weird things he had been experiencing lately. “..Did something happen at the mall then?” he then said.

Uh oh, we’re caught, Luhan thought. But he could suddenly tell that Ino had already known what happened, and that he just wasn’t sure if he was right. “Yifan saved a man from killing himself” he answered quietly.

“Really? That’s a great thing you did!” Ino patted Yifan on the arm.

“He flew in” Minseok look down as he said it, and Ino’s face fell, not out of anger or disappointment, but more on worried.

“We’re so sorry but we just wanted to help. We didn’t mean to expose ourselves like that. It was rash on our parts” Luhan bowed apologetically.

Ino shook his head. It was bad that they were seen using their powers in a public place like that, but it was even worse to apologize for trying to save someone from getting killed. They didn’t deserve that, he thought, even if the world may think that they were freaks. He then realized that it was why the Center was built in the first place, and why they decided to track these people down to get them to come in. However, he suddenly thought of a solution. “You don’t have to apologize. I will sort it out” he assured the three.

They couldn’t believe their eyes. “R-really?” Minseok asked.

“Yep. Junhong,” Ino suddenly said, pressing his earpiece. “We’re in a bit of a code violet situation as of the moment..Yeah, the accidental use of powers outside..turn the key and access the photos and videos from the incident all over the internet and in those cloud accounts and delete them, delete them all..thank you” Upon noticing the expressions of the three, he quickly knew it as a sign to explain. “We don’t use that much. In fact we rarely use Code Violet. Junhong’s figured out a way to hack in stuff, well, he got help from the others, but it’s under lock and key, and even the key’s under guard”

There were still things about the Center that the recruits had no knowledge of. This kind of action was one of them. The Center still upheld an image of being secret, or being virtually unknown to everyone. It was just as important to live in anonymity as it was to sort out disturbances of another kind.

“You three, meet the rest in the communal training room. Yongguk will be there to brief you all about what’s going to happen when you all train there” Ino said. The three obeyed and rushed off.

Ino looked down. It was as if it was somehow getting worse, what he had been experiencing. He pressed into his earpiece again. “Junhong? Yes, I need to talk to you about something”


The hooded man from the mall, had rushed to a dark corner once he was outside, and transformed back into the Prince, who had seen the whole thing. Jumping into a manhole, he quickly made his way back into the depths of the Esteholm, and into the chamber that he had turned into his fortress. His army worked quickly, quick enough to secure every nook and cranny, every unoccupied space they could break into.

Walking amongst his warriors, he went to the group of goblins who made the weapons, a few of them had skills in mixing together substances. “I have found a way to be able to take the diamond from my father” he declared in front of them.

“How, your highness?” one of them said.

“Ejol’s blood has given you life, and I will bestow you all with powers later on. I found these humans above, who can fly, and levitate things”

The group exchanged looks with each other. “Powers, your highness?”

“Yes. It will be their abilities that will give us the force we need to take over the world above, as well as for me to reclaim the diamond from the Tree of Life” the Prince replied. “Humans have no knowledge of such things, they are filled with greed and vanity. They don’t deserve this earth”

The warriors agreed with a resounding cheer.

“I will find a way to give all of you those powers, don’t worry. The blood of a soldier woke all of you up from your eternal slumber, giving all of you strength, speed, and the ability to fight,” the Prince returned to the center of the room, noticing that everyone had soon stopped to listen to him. “In time, you will all be very powerful, and you will all join me in conquering this world”

The goblin warriors all cheered again, and went back to work. Prince Zeenohai turned to Ejol. “My loyal guard, we must return to my father. He needs to know a few things I have started doing. If necessary, I will kill him”

“Yes, your highness”


“Speak of the devils, and they shall appear,” Baekhyun said with a grin once they saw Minseok, Luhan, and Yifan enter the communal training room. It was bigger compared to the others, and darker than what Baekhyun was usually accustomed to. It was the size of a gymnasium. “Where have you three been?”

“We went to the mall” Luhan replied, suddenly getting in line upon noticing that all the boys, including Hyejung and Mirae, were all in formation. Yongguk stood in front of them.

“Where’s Jinri? Is she not joining us?” Yongguk suddenly asked.

“She said she isn’t ready yet. I think Junhong’s helping her out for now” Jongdae answered.

Yongguk nodded, taking it as a sign to start. “So, let me start off by saying that I’m probably sure you guys were all excited to do something like this,” he paced back and forth in front of them. “Girls,” he eyed Mirae and Hyejung. “Ino hyung, the professor, and Junhong as well as the 5 of us, have already been talking about doing something like this for a long time. While you are trained to channel your abilities properly, it only makes sense to try and use them in situations which can be deemed unfavorable to all of you” he explained.

He gestured to the booth above, where Himchan and Youngjae were, looking over them. “I believe the M unit has already gotten their hands on our latest pistols from their mission earlier,” he said, eyeing the 6, Jongdae, Zitao, and Yixing were still wearing their tactical uniforms, pistols in the holsters. “The rounds contain a type of acid that is extremely corrosive, it could melt away this whole room if you poured it on by the bucket, and even the bucket would melt as the acid could only be contained by the glass containers we have at the lab” Yongguk said.

Daehyun and Jongup soon came in, carrying belts containing the same pistols and some extra rounds. “Everyone, from now on, has a belt,” as Yongguk explained, Daehyun and Jongup handed the extra rounds to Jongdae, Zitao, and Yixing. “In time, you will have some additions to that belt of yours, try not to lose it, alright?” he asked.

“I’m nervous, but I’m so excited” Baekhyun suddenly said.

“This all sounds so badass” Jongdae commented excitedly.

Yongguk smiled. “Now, since we all know your powers, including Hyejung’s and Mirae’s, and with the exception of Mirae, who already has something with her,” he eyed the rod she was holding. “The rest of you will be getting things to well, help you into fully unleashing your abilities in an unfavorable situation. This kind of training will not only teach you to be vigilant, it will also teach you how to work as a team, now that the girls have joined us” he explained. “So, any questions so far?”

Junmyeon raised a hand. “I have one. So, are we going to start shooting up this place, whatever this is?” he said.

“Not quite. We have prepared a very realistic simulation training for you all,” Yongguk pointed to the dark part of the room in front of them. “In minutes, you will find yourselves in a different place, whether it’s a minefield, or during an apocalypse, or something similar. There will be entities that will attack you, and your job is to work together to overcome it” he explained.

“Use what you have, and think quickly” Daehyun reminded them, before the three walked off and into the control room.

“This is so creepy” Zitao said, reloading his gun with the extra rounds.

“Ready, Mirae?” Luhan said to her, and Mirae nodded.

“Are you scared? Because I am” Hyejung whispered to Jongin.

Jongin turned to Hyejung. “I’m just as scared as you are”

“Good, because I might need you to hold my hand too while we’re at it” she joked.

In a matter of moments, their surroundings began to change. In a swirl of colors, they were soon standing in the middle of a run down metropolis. Buildings were deserted, the streets were empty, and no one else was there except for the 14 of them. Despite it being a simulated environment, it all felt so real.

“Junhong and the hyungdeul have really outdone themselves in this one” Sehun quietly commented, as all of them started walking forward.

“I’ll, uh,” Yifan looked around, taking his gun out. “I’ll check the view from above, maybe Jongin can pop into random places, see if there’s anything odd” he suggested before taking to the air, hovering above them before going any higher.

“I’ll help out” Hyejung suddenly said. Jongin turned to her and smiled. Hyejung stopped and with a wave of her hand, a portal suddenly appeared, revealing another part of the city. She jumped in, and Jongin took it as a signal to teleport.

“How does Junhong even come up with the technology for this?” Kyungsoo said in disbelief as they continued walking.

“The professor didn’t call him a genius for nothing” Chanyeol said.

“This really is a step up from our training rooms” Jongdae said. He turned to the others who remained. “We have to split up”

Luhan suddenly felt a chill down his spine as he looked around. “Something’s here. Not very far” he suddenly said.

“We need to scatter, I saw something,” Jongin suddenly appeared in front of them. “Something black, and scary, like a giant alien thing” he explained.

“That’s what I was suspecting too” Luhan said. “I could hear a growling not far from here”

Junmyeon nodded. “Okay, everyone else, split up. Maybe two at a time?”

They all nodded at each other and started scattering in different directions. Baekhyun and Chanyeol ran towards an intersection, Minseok and Luhan went in one building, Yixing in an abandoned shop, Jongdae and Mirae ran to another street, and so did the rest.

Mirae took deep breaths as she looked around, brandishing her staff. “I saw you the other time, practicing. You’re really powerful” Jongdae said to her.

She offered a half-smile. “Thanks. But I can’t control my abilities completely yet”

Jongdae smiled back. “That’s what this room is for” and all of a sudden, his eyes turned white as electrical currents started to come out from his hands. He turned around. “Keep your guard”

“That’s not hard to do” Mirae took another deep breath to calm herself. Her heart was pounding in her chest, as she waited for what was about to come. The growling grew louder, and the ground rumbled under their feet.

Hyejung came out of a portal to the rooftop of a building where Sehun and Zitao were. “Can’t we just turn back time?” Zitao suddenly asked.

“Then it won’t be fun, and we won’t be able to practice” Sehun replied.

“When the things come, I can help either one or both of you get a closer shot at killing them, or at least incapacitate them” Hyejung said.

The two younger boys nodded. “Think you can bring up a tornado?” Zitao asked Sehun, who just shook his head.

“Not at the moment, I mean”

All was quiet. Yifan was hovering over the whole city, his hand poised on his gun. And from the corner of his eye, he could see black creatures, running from one side, and then another from the other side. The black creatures looked like a cross between an orc and a squid, with slimy tentacles for fingers and toes. “What are these things?” he muttered, taking his gun out, quietly gliding through the air until he was right above them, anticipating what they’ll be doing.
“Junhong, what are these things?”

From the sky, they could suddenly hear Junhong’s voice. “Those are..well.. We don’t know what they are. But know that they’re not easy to take down” he said.

“It’s like the voice of God” Yixing said from where he was. He reached down and put his palm on the floor. Closing his eyes, he stayed still, concentrating on what he was about to do. The concrete suddenly cracked open, and out came a sprout, which eventually became a flower.

The higher he raised his hand, the higher the flower grew, the vines slowly crawling out from under the ground. “Wow” he muttered. “Junhong, if you’re seeing this, please take note”

“Got it, Xing. Keep a look out” Junhong said from the sky.

The rumbling grew louder, and before anyone of them could say anything, an army of black creatures started to run towards them from different directions.

Junmyeon screamed in surprise and held up his hands, jets of water started to come out, shooting at the creatures in front of him.

It was almost the same with both Minseok and Chanyeol. Chanyeol’s metal bracelet started to glow orange, and in seconds, he shot flames at the oncoming creatures in front of him. The more he did it, the stronger the flames, until his whole body was covered in fire. Minseok ran out of the building and held up his hand, shooting ice crystals and freezing the creatures that were running toward them. He glanced at Luhan. “Run!” he shouted, freezing the others that would go past him with his other hand.

“How exactly do you mean by they can’t be taken down easily?!” Luhan shouted, as he ran to another street, looking flustered and wide-eyed at the number of creatures that were running towards him. “Focus, focus, focus” he muttered, and stood still, holding up his hand, palm outwards.

His eyes were shut tight. He was prepared to run and collide with the enemies that were coming their way, until.

Another swirl of colors later, and the surroundings changed again. Luhan opened his eyes and noticed that they were already in different parts of the room. “What happened?” he asked.

“Sorry! Sorry! There was a little technical issue when it comes to phasing in and out of surroundings,” Junhong quickly spoke on the microphone. “If we didn’t catch it sooner, you guys would have been stuck in there”

Baekhyun, Chanyeol, and Jongdae groaned, and so did Zitao and Hyejung. Yifan landed, putting his pistol away. “And to think we were starting to look cool” Chanyeol said.

“A lot of us weren’t able to use our powers even” Yixing added.

“Sorry, sorry. Go take a break and get some rest. We’ll just call you in when this room’s fully operational” Daehyun spoke this time.


Jinri was down at the lab where she had met with Junhong. She was watching Youngjae and Himchan mix different colored liquids and transferring them into a single glass tube. “What’s that?” she suddenly asked, making the two look.

“An antidote” Himchan answered, carefully pouring the blue colored liquid into the tube.

“An antidote for what?”

“Infernal bites. Goblin bites, all kinds of bites” Youngjae replied.

Jinri raised a brow. “Goblin bites, infernal bites? What are those?” she asked.

Himchan and Youngjae exchanged looks before turning back to her. “You superhumans aren’t the only unusual creatures walking among the earth” Himchan said. “The M unit came back with an infernal sample. Yifan got bitten but luckily Yixing healed him,” he began to explain. “Infernals aren’t poisonous, but their bites, especially on humans or on other creatures, can sting like hell”

“Oh, so like a spider bite or insect bite?” She watched Youngjae look through each test tube.

“Yeah, but infernal bites are worse. There was this dwarf that we took in, may he rest in peace,” Youngjae started to explain. “That got bitten by an infernal. We basically had to cut it out” he cringed at the memory.

“If you want to know about poisonous bites, don’t let a goblin bite you” Himchan commented. “They have venom sacs on their tongues and they can spit acid at will”

“Spit acid? But..didn’t we get guns with acid rounds?” Jinri asked, rather confused.

“You know what they say, fight acid with acid” Youngjae joked. “But, really. We’re not saying all of you will have to fight off whatever that comes at our kind, but it’s just best to be prepared. It’s why you’re all training to use your powers not only properly, but to your advantage as well” he then explained.

“So, you’re training us to fight?” Jinri looked even more confused.

“We’re training you to use your powers properly” Himchan answered this time, handing her the belt with her pistol in it.

“But why should we fight when we mean no harm?” Jinri asked.

“Because sometimes, even when we mean no harm, we end up having to fight anyway” Himchan said.

Jinri nodded. “I’m still very much confused”

“You managed to confuse us too, with all your questions” Youngjae suddenly commented, getting a nudge from Himchan.

Himchan sighed. “Jinri. When exactly did you find out you had powers?” he asked her. “What emotion was present when it came out?”

Jinri looked down. “I felt… scared, and angry.. Like I just wanted to go away” she said.

“Usually, for people like you, the powers come out when you’re either angry or scared, and most of the time it’s a combination of both,” Youngjae started. “So we’re here to not only help you control your powers and use them for good, we’re also trying to help you in channeling your emotions better, especially in cases where you’ll feel angry and or scared”

Just then, Daehyun and Jongup appeared. “What happened?” Himchan suddenly asked upon seeing them.

“First time in simulated training was unsuccessful, the thing that phases the recruits into various situations was a little faulty so Junhong had to stop everything to get it fixed” Daehyun explained. “Shouldn’t you be with Junhong?” he turned to Jinri.

“I was supposed to be but he had to attend to you guys” she answered.

“But how was it so far?” Youngjae asked, a little hopeful to hear some results.

“So far it was going great.. Although it doesn’t really help that the creatures only just started to come at them. Chanyeol, Junmyeon, and Minseok did great, so did Yixing. Yifan, Jongin, and Hyejung worked well too” Jongup said with a nod. “The others just hadn’t had a chance to use their powers yet, especially Mirae. I thought she’d use hers the moment they started coming” he added.


The doors of the royal goblin court burst open, and Prince Zeenohai entered, followed closely by Ejol. “Father, I have returned!” he said proudly.

King Taule and Princess Bome watched him make his way to the front, the rest of their kingdom’s subjects staring at him in shock. “What brings you back here, son?” the king asked.

“Your highness” Tarav suddenly bowed at him.

“Why, I have come back to merely inform you that I have found what I have been searching for” the Prince said with a simper. “I know where the diamond is hidden, and this means I shall take over your place” he said.

Princess Bome stood up. “Brother, please. You do not have to do this”

“I’ve spent most of my life, sleeping in the sewers!” the prince snapped, and all fell silent. “I am done waiting. I have waited long enough, to get the diamond and to take my rightful place as king above and below”

“If you do this,” the king said. “Then so be it. Kill me if you see it fit, but I will tell you that you will only become just as power-hungry as the humans you have so chosen to fight against” he said.

“I am only fighting for what is rightfully ours,” Prince Zeenohai snapped his fingers. “And what is rightfully, mine” he growled, sending Ejol sprinting towards the front, and, in a flash, slitting the throats of the king, the princess, Tarav, and the guards who were standing by.

He turned around to the rest. “Bow to your new king. Object and my guard will make sure you have the same fate as my own father and my sister” he said. The rest instantly bowed.

The prince turned back to the dead bodies before him. He picked up the crown from King Taule’s head and put it on himself. “As your new king, I am determined to reclaim the world above. For us to be the ruling race, and we will do it now”

And in the middle of the night, Ino woke with a start, in a pool of cold sweat. “Oh my god” he said, a little out of breath.

He got out of bed, and traveled down to Junhong’s room. Quietly knocking on the door, he waited for him to answer.

“Ino hyung? It’s midnight” Junhong said sleepily.

“I know, I know, but I need to tell you something. It’s something I’ve been experiencing for a while, and it’s been happening more lately” he said.

Junhong had let him in, and he started to explain everything. “Just now, I had a dream, that felt so real” Ino said. “It was as if something was happening at the moment, and it’s starting to freak me out” he added.

“Hyung,” he managed to say. “I think you need to get some rest”

“Junhong, I’m serious. Lately, we’ve felt tremors, right? I’m not making it up, this dream of mine, it was as if I knew what was going to happen to us, to everyone” Ino said. “I suddenly knew where Yifan, Minseok, and Luhan were even when they didn’t tell me they went out” he said.

Junhong just nodded. “We’ll need to get a sample of your blood too, but can we do it tomorrow? Or later on today? It’s midnight”

“Junhong, I can’t wait, I have to know what’s my situation” Ino said.

“Hyung, it’s so late, can’t we just-” Junhong’s mouth fell open when his glasses were slowly moving away from his face.

“See?!” Ino pointed to the floating spectacles in front of them.

Junhong slowly nodded. “Hyung, stop stressing about it. It could only mean that you’re a late bloomer.. A real late bloomer” he then managed to explain. “So you may have telekinesis too, and perhaps an ability to also see what’s happening somewhere else and even the future” he said.

Ino fell silent. “So what’s going to happen? What am I going to do? This just means... “ his eyes widened. “Oh no, something’s going to happen and I don’t know what to do”

“What do you mean? You mean to say you saw something that could happen?”

Ino nodded. “I saw, I saw.. Goblins”
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