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A few days later, Mirae took a cab to a place she had since wanted to come back to. The place where she came from. She had gotten permission from Ino to go out, and seeing that the Professor had not been back for some time now, she figured that Ino had probably been worrying about where his father had gone off to. Ino was a little worried about her as well, but Mirae was quick to assure him that her staff was in the sling bag that she had with her. She got down in the corner of the street where she lived, and started walking down until she reached the place.

Mirae stopped in front of a music store, a familiar looking one, with the doors and windows plastered with posters and photocards of the trendiest singers of today, most of them were of boy groups, and she knew people were flocking from every direction, coming out with armfuls of cds and posters and whatever freebies that came with it. As usual it was busy, and she pondered on whether to go in and say hi to the owners. The owners of the shop in particular, were the ones that took her in when she ran away all those years ago. They raised her, put her through school, and were like the parents she had always dreamed of having. She thought of repaying them by not pursuing a college education to help them out, work in the store.

However, there was someone else she also wanted to see. Hyuk. The guy she had always liked, whom she also worked with in the store. Mirae thought he might not want to talk to her after suddenly leaving the store and the house above it to work somewhere else without telling him. They were friends, after all.

Seeing as the place was a little too crowded, she didn’t go in, and instead reminded herself to come back and say hi to them next time, all the while promising to email them every night from now on. For now, she thought of going around, see the city she felt like she hadn’t seen in a long time since she started training in the Center. Mirae turned to walk down the street some more, and after crossing one to get to another, she saw a big crowd in the corner. An event was being held, and judging from the music she was hearing, it was a little concert. A contest, with prize money involved, from what she saw on the tarpaulin that hung behind the stage. Intrigued, while at the same time hearing a very familiar voice, Mirae walked towards the crowd, going in, to see who was singing on the stage, and that was when she knew.

It was Hyuk, on stage, singing a very familiar song that she remembered him writing while they were hanging out after hours one time when the store remained open late at night. Mirae smiled, trying not to mouth the words from where she stood in order to attract attention. She remembered the song very well.

But that didn’t seem to work either, as she soon caught Hyuk’s attention. It was safe to say that he was a little surprised and happy that he saw her, and he continued singing until the end, glancing at her in case she would leave. And once he was done, Mirae was surprised at what the MC of the event had said. “Please give a warm round of applause to Dean! That was a good performance, wasn’t it?” he said, with Hyuk bowing a few times before leaving the stage.

Mirae turned to leave, walking to another direction from the stage, until she felt someone grab her wrist, making her turn around.


Hyuk was standing behind her, the look of surprise still etched on his face. “I can’t believe it. Mirae, Lee Mirae is here right in front of me” he said, a smile soon appearing on his lips.

“You don’t look so bad yourself, Kwon Hyuk” she said with a small smile, chuckling as she was pulled into a tight hug. “Or should I call you Dean now? Wow, you really went through with that, huh?” she said upon pulling away.

Hyuk smiled, nodding. “Yeah, I figured it would be a good side thing, you know? I mean I couldn’t leave the store, especially when your parents have been so nice” he said. “Plus, I don’t know about you but, I have a feeling I’m going to win this contest” he said, tilting his head to the stage.

Mirae nodded as well. “I know you will. You’ve always had talent. Tell you what, if you win, you buy me a meal, and if you don’t, it’s my treat, how does that sound?” she teasingly suggested.

“Deal. But, just stay here, okay? I don’t want you suddenly disappearing after what you did to me a few weeks ago” he teased, feigning sadness.

His words gave her butterflies, and Mirae fought the urge to smile the biggest smile she could ever show. “I-I will, I have free time today, that’s why I’m out” she said.

“Great” he smiled at her, then ran back to the stage, where they had started to call everyone who entered the competition.


At the same time, at the Center, the lights were starting to flicker and the tremors growing stronger. “What is going on?” Luhan looked up from his seat in the cafeteria.

“Kyungsoo must be getting stronger, if it’s like this” Jongin said.

“I’m right over here” Kyungsoo called out from another table. “And it’s not me”

“If it’s not you, what’s causing this? Last night I couldn’t sleep because the lights were flickering” Hyejung said, grabbing the backrest of the chair for support as she carried a tray full of food to the table in the midst of the ground rumbling.

“I think we should see what Junhong and the others could find” Minseok suggested.

They all turned to both Jongin and Hyejung. Hyejung nearly dropped her chopsticks. “Oh alright, I’ll see what they’re up to” she said, standing up and with a wave of her hand, jumped into a portal. Jongin had also teleported, leaving the rest of them stopping to observe what was happening.

“Do you guys think these tremors and why the lights are flickering are because of something else?” Jinri suddenly asked.

Jongdae turned to her. “You think there might be something there?” he said.

She shrugged. “I don’t know, maybe. It’s probably why the Professor hasn’t been back here since he left” she said.

The rest of the males turned to her. “The Professor hasn’t been back yet?” Junmyeon asked. “Hang on, how would you know?”

A sheepish grin slowly appeared on her face. “The guys talk. Junhong is still helping me out and I hear things from them” she said.

Just then, a portal appeared and out came Hyejung, followed by Junhong, the portal vanishing when both of them were out. “Wow, that was cool. I’ve never been included much in something like this, so I’ll definitely take note of it” Junhong said in amazement.

“Junhong, what’s going on? Why have the lights been flickering all over lately?” Jongdae asked.

Junhong jumped a little in surprise when Jongin suddenly appeared. “Well, there’s something here. I guess this was what Ino hyung was saying about what he’s seen..” he mumbled, looking down as he remembered.

Their ears perked up at what he said. “What did he see? What’s going on with Ino hyung?” Baekhyun asked.

“Lately, there have been some disturbances that have been occurring, and we’re starting to think it’s tied in with the break in at the museum” Junhong explained. “What Zitao saw before, about someone mentioning a diamond, and all that, it’s all related” he said.

“That diamond must be very valuable, if they were so determined to break into the museum” Minseok suddenly said.

“It is. Ino hyung read that the diamond in question can make the bearer invincible. It’s the diamond in the Tree of Life” Junhong said.

“I read about that!” Luhan stood up. “The diamond had been cut up into two, but it mysteriously made itself whole through the ages and it’s hidden somewhere, being guarded by unknown creatures” he recited what he remembered.

“There’s more to that” Junhong said. “The diamond, according to the last records, is sentient. It can feel, and that is probably how it made itself whole and known to those who guard it, to those who know its exact location”

“So what do we do?” Junmyeon asked.

“We find it” Yifan answered.

They all stopped and turned to him. “We find the diamond? How do we even start? They’re going to come after us and kill us” Junmyeon argued.

Yifan shrugged. “Is that not why we’re staying here in the first place? We’re all so excited about training in the communal room but when a real situation strikes, you’re backing away? Come on guys”

“But goblins! Killing! Us! Them! Yifan hyung, we still don’t know what we’re dealing with out there” Baekhyun said.

“Still! I propose we find it. Whatever it takes to get a headstart. If it’s with us, then rest assured that we can defend it or something” Yifan suggested.

Jinri put her fork down. “Oppa’s right. If we’re here, might as well use what we’ve learned to get them before they go after anyone and everyone else” she nodded in agreement.

Before they could say anything, Ino appeared at the entrance, and behind him was Professor Jang. “Professor! You’re back!” Junhong said, walking up to him while the rest followed.

“Yes, yes. I apologize for being away for so long. A lot of things happened while I was arranging some things” Professor Jang smiled at each of them. “Someone’s not here?” he asked.

“Oh, uh, Mirae. She’s out somewhere” Ino answered.

“Well, Ino has put me up to speed with you three girls,” the professor turned to Jinri and Hyejung. “Very impressive, you three” he said, nodding approvingly. “Well, if you will excuse me, I must get some rest. The whole trip wore me out, it seems” he said, before Hyesung escorted him down the hall, leaving Ino behind.

Ino turned to the rest. “Junhong’s told us about what’s probably happening lately” Junmyeon suddenly said.

“I figured he did” he nodded. “And,” he paused, closing the cafeteria doors behind him. “I have a very strong feeling that my father’s the one guarding it” Ino said with slight hesitation. “I don’t know how it came to that, but ever since I was a kid, he always used to go away for a while then come back without saying where he went or what he did. My mother always knew, but she wouldn’t tell me either”

“What do you think we should do, hyung? Yifan suggested we look for it” Luhan said.

Ino looked at all of them, and slowly nodded, remembering the dream he had. “That’s what we do. We should look for it, before anyone and everyone else gets hurt” he said. He turned to Junhong. “We’re going to need a quick scan everywhere, see if there’s something unusual. CCTV footage, anything”

“Well, since you said that, the guys and I have actually taken the liberty of doing so. There was some footage of a hooded person seemingly sucking the neck of this guy. Blood everywhere, so I guess there’s that. Somewhere downtown” Junhong said.

We’ll need to take a look at the place. This time, the K unit will be brought in” Ino glanced at Junmyeon, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Kyungsoo, Jongin, and Sehun. “K unit, suit up and assemble at the garage at about, 20 minutes?” he asked, and the boys nodded. “Good”

Jinri and Hyejung exchanged looks. “Oppa, what about Jinri and I? What can we do?” Hyejung asked.

“We could always use another person to be with us” Jongin raised a hand.

“Well, 6 is already a lot, but you, Jinri, and Mirae will be dispatched next, I can assure you” Ino said to the two girls. “You’ll find your uniforms in your closets, though. For the meantime, continue with your training. I think your rooms are already built?” The two girls shook their heads. “Oh, well, just continue training either way. Maybe start in the communal one” he suggested.

“Yes, Ino” Jinri and Hyejung nodded, while they watched the 6 rush out of the cafeteria, Ino and Junhong following them close behind.


Meanwhile, Mirae and Hyuk were at a pizza place, indulging in their food. “Congratulations, Kwon Hyuk, on winning that contest” Mirae held up her can of soda at him from across the table.

Hyuk held his up as well. “And for winning that prize money, almost a million won, hmm?” They clinked their cans and went back to eating. “Good enough for scoring a record deal, right?”

“Yeah, definitely” Mirae nodded, in between bites of her pizza. “Also good enough for a meal like this” she said.

“We did have a deal, If I won, I’d buy you a meal, and I won, so we have a meal before us” Hyuk said proudly.

Mirae smiled. For a while she was still getting used to living in the center, but seeing Hyuk again made things feel comfortable and familiar again. From suddenly discovering what she was and what she could do, this was something she needed more than anything at the moment. “So, what do you do now that was suddenly better than working at your parents’ music store?” Hyuk teased.

“I work at the Ilsan Youth Hostel. It’s a different job, the pay’s the same, and they also offer room and board” Mirae quickly replied, a little surprised at herself for doing so. She couldn’t really say that she was training to control and properly use her powers in a center for people like them disguised as a youth hostel.

“A youth hostel? That’s great. Must be nice living the hostel life” Hyuk said.

Mirae shook her head. “Nothing beats home above the shop, you know?” she said. “...How are they? My parents, I mean?” she then asked.

Hyuk nodded. “They’re great. They miss you a lot, they ask me about you often since you left, in case you and I kept in touch” he said.

“Oh.. and what did you say?” Mirae put her drink down. She was curious on what Hyuk had said, a little hopeful that it would give her a hint of what he thought of her.

He put his drink down as well. “I told her that you were probably trying to adjust to life over there where you are, and,” he paused. “That I also missed you,” he said. “A lot, since you left”

Mirae tried not to smile so wide at what he said. “I um,” she started with a nervous chuckle. “I miss you all a lot too. Maybe next time I’ll drop by and say hi. I think I’ve adjusted well or something to my work life” she said.

“Oh you should. At least while I’m not on a lunch break” Hyuk laughed. “Or maybe if I am on a lunch break so we could talk some more” he suggested.

A few moments later, they were walking down the street again. “It’s really great seeing you again, Lee Mirae” Hyuk smiled at her.

“Same for you, Kwon Hyuk” She said, smiling back at him. “I’m glad I got to run into you today”

Hyuk looked down for a moment, then looked at her again. “Mirae, I should probably tell you something” he said.

Mirae looked at him with wide eyes, the butterflies in her stomach fluttering like crazy. “Y-yeah?”

“I-well, I.. I-uh,” he started, rubbing the back of his neck. “We’ve-well we’ve.. Known each other for a long time, right?” he said.

Mirae was trying her hardest not to assume that what he would say wasn’t what she was trying to avoid thinking about. “Y-yeah, we have. We’ve worked together for years, we celebrated your coming-of-age day together, remember?” she said, trying to play it cool.

“Of course I remember, and that’s related to what I really want to say,” Hyuk tried to piece his words together. “I,” he took a deep breath.

“Yes?” Mirae asked.

“What I really wanted to say, and have wanted to say for a while is that,” Hyuk stopped in front of her. “Lee Mirae, I-”

Mirae’s eyes widened. “Get away!” she instantly pulled him to the side, the two of them falling over on the ground as the jewelry store next to the cafe they were standing in front of exploded, sending shards of glass and debris everywhere.

The cars that were passing by stopped and everyone in the surrounding places stepped out to witness what just happened.

“Are you hurt anywhere?” Mirae looked at Hyuk, who was next to her. Hyuk shook his head, still in shock. “Oh good” she said, getting up on her feet, until she felt a little sting on her arm. Looking at it, she saw that a shard had cut through her jacket, slicing her arm. Her eyes widened at what she saw next, as the cut had ended up healing itself. She turned back to Hyuk, who was dusting himself off.

Hyuk had spotted the blood stain on her jacket. “Are you hurt?” he asked, worry evident in his voice.

Mirae shook her head, although she couldn’t explain to him outright what just happened to her arm. “It’s just a cut, it’s nothing serious” she managed to say. They looked back at the scene, seeing the fire trucks and the police cars arrive, firemen getting out to put out the flames that engulfed the interiors of the whole store.

“Are you sure? I see blood on there” He said, taking her arm and looking at it, his eyes then widening when he saw it was gone. “It’s gone… you’re not hurt.. “ he said, in disbelief.

Mirae didn’t know what to say. “It-It’s a complicated story” she said, pulling her arm back. She wasn’t ready nor did she plan on telling him what she really was. “I-I think I should go” she looked down, not knowing what else to do.

“What do you mean? Is there something wrong?” Hyuk then asked, glancing at her arm. “Mirae, I can take you back to where you need to be” he said.

Mirae shook her head and stepped back. “I-I-I can’t tell you now..maybe someday, but, it’s really complicated” she said. “I have to go, Hyuk, it’s really nice seeing you again” and then she ran off.

“Mirae! Mirae! Is your number still the same?! Mirae!” Hyuk called out as he watched her leave.


Yongguk rushed inside Ino’s office. “Ino hyung, there have been reports of a jewelry store explosion not far from here” he said. “I feel like it would be related to what we’re looking for”

Ino stood up at the news and led him out of his office and down the hall. “Get the 3 girls together, tell them to suit up, and get Junhong to ready the van this time. Have Daehyun and Youngjae ready the other van for the M unit in case a backup is needed” he said.

With a nod, Yongguk ran to the elevating platforms and Ino went ahead to his father’s room. He spotted Mirae arriving once he got off the platform to the level above, looking a little shaken. “Mirae, you are needed along with Hyejung and Jinri. There’s been an explosion at a jewelry store”

“I know, I was there when it happened” Mirae answered.

“Well..” Yongguk asked. “Did you do it?”

“Of course not, oppa” Mirae shook her head and showed him her arm. “I was taking a walk with my friend when it happened”

Yongguk took a closer look at her arm. “What happened here?” he asked.

Mirae shrugged. “I don’t know, one moment it was there and then before I knew it, I saw it disappearing, like I just healed myself..”

Yongguk felt over the spot on her arm. “Not a scar, nothing,” He muttered. “You can heal rapidly”

“He.. my friend.. He also saw that the cut was gone when we got back on our feet” she said.

Yongguk nodded. “Well then, it’s time for you to suit up, because you and the girls are going back there” he said, patting her on the shoulder.


The bus with the K-unit had arrived at the site later that night, and Junmyeon got down first, followed by Baekhyun and Jongin. “Locators on? Okay, scan the area for..clues, I guess” Junmyeon said to them before scattering. Jongin had teleported in and out of the abandoned buildings they were looking in.

Chanyeol looked through another building, taking out the small flashlight from his belt, hand poised on his gun as he searched. “Baekhyun, light up the place, will you?” he spoke, pressing his earpiece.

“I can’t, there aren’t any bulbs. You’d have to be with me if you need some light,” Baekhyun replied. “For the meantime, stick to your flame thing and your small flashlight”

“I can’t do that either, I’ll melt the flashlight” Chanyeol said, shaking his head and going up a flight of stairs.

“Focus, guys, focus” Came Junmyeon’s voice from their earpieces. “The body was found right where we got off”

“That’s what he said” Baekhyun commented, and a loud cackle from Chanyeol, Kyungsoo, and Jongin could be heard. “I’m just trying to lighten the mood, hyung, come on” he then explained.

Junmyeon was searching the open spaces of the place, using the detector Junhong had given him as well as the others. “No signs of life, or unusual substances, except for your usual microorganisms found in the ground, and weeds sprouting out” he said, as he pressed on.

Sehun looked through an alleyway, flashlight in one hand, a detector in the other. “I think I’m seeing something,” he walked out of the alley and into another run-down building. “This must be an old hotel or condominium” he walked down the front hall and up the stairs. “Building 443, that’s where I am” he said.

“Got it, Hunnie. See anything weird in there so far?” he heard Chanyeol’s voice.

“Uh,” Sehun stopped in the middle of the staircase, upon seeing blood stains and slashes on the fading and peeling wallpaper. “I see blood. At least I think it’s blood,” he touched the spots, and red soon stained his fingers. Sehun took a little whiff. “Yep, it’s blood, definitely blood. Human? Maybe. Goblin? Possible. But it’s fresh, looks like someone or something’s killed in here very recently” he commented. He looked down, and saw that the blood stains had turned into a trail.

Sehun went up the stairs some more, following the trail, and reached another hallway that was lined with doors, the door at the very end being the fire exit, in which the trail stopped. “Hyungdeul, please come over, I think I may have found something” he said, fitting his detector back into his belt.

As soon as he said it, Jongin immediately popped up next to him, making the taller one step back in surprise. “Stop surprising me like that!” he said, clutching his chest.

Jongin laughed. “Sorry, so,” he looked down, seeing the trail of blood that led to the fire exit door. “This is it..” he trailed off, walking down the hall, while looking at the doors on either side.

“Yeah, but I don’t think we should-” Sehun was cut off when something black came at him, sending him down the stairs. “Jongin!” he shouted, coughing and groaning in pain, before he was pushed down the second flight of stairs.

The door next to Jongin opened and a creature soon attacked and pinned him down, sending him crashing against the other door. “A goblin!” he shouted, attempting to push it back. The goblin snarled and bared its sharp teeth at him. “Sehun!! Sehun!!” he called out, looking over the stairs.

Sehun felt a sharp pain on his lower back, and he groaned loudly. He could hear Jongin call his name, and he could also see who pushed him down. It was another goblin, dressed in some kind of armor, and was baring its teeth at him, hissing and ready to pounce again. He couldn’t speak, as he was afraid it might kill him if he did, or if he even made any sudden move. And that was when he figured it out. This was what Junhong and the hyungdeul were telling us about in the training room, he thought. A big gust of wind soon came inside the building, strong enough to push the goblin away while keeping Sehun in place. “Jongin!! Just teleport!!” he shouted, sending the goblin that attacked him towards another part of the building. The heavy wind soon turned into a tornado, and brought the goblin out of the place.

“Teleport? That’s nice” the goblin spoke, while attempting to strangle Jongin, who was trying to kick it away.

“That’s-that’s right” Jongin groaned, and soon disappeared from the goblin’s clutches.

Junmyeon, Kyungsoo, Chanyeol, and Baekhyun were running down towards the building when they saw a tornado come out of it. “They found a goblin” Kyungsoo muttered, seeing glimpses of black within it.

“We need to catch it, keep it alive and bring it in for questioning” Junmyeon said, a hand poised over his gun.

“So, how do we do this?” Baekhyun asked. Jongin then popped up near them with Sehun, the latter limping.

“I don’t think Sehun can hold that one for long, he’s hurt” Chanyeol said. He walked up to the tornado, and the moment his bracelet started to glow, so did he, until he was engulfed in the flames he created. He turned to Junmyeon and the others. “Someone catch the thing, I’ll take him out of there”

“Yes, Human Torch” Baekhyun commented. “Kyungsoo can probably do this one”

Kyungsoo nodded. “Yes, I can” he started to run towards the tornado, and once he reached it, he jumped as high as he could, knocking the goblin out of it, landing into a pile of rubble on the ground with a flaming Chanyeol standing in front of it.

Just then the goblin that had attacked Jongin jumped out of the second floor of the building, and started running towards Junmyeon and Baekhyun. “Stop right there” Baekhyun and Junmyeon took their guns out and pointed it at the goblin, who fell over on the ground. The goblin instead got up and started running the opposite direction, but fell over once again when Chanyeol cornered him.

“Is everyone okay?” They heard Hyesung’s voice in their earpieces.

“Sehun’s injured, he needs medical attention” Jongin said, trying to support Sehun better.

“We’ll be on our way. Where are all of you?”

“Uh, right by building number 443, we also caught two, um, goblins, they need to be handled carefully” Junmyeon said this time.

“We’ll be there”


Meanwhile, a van had arrived in front of the damaged jewelry store. Three people sitting in front, Yongguk, Daehyun, and Youngjae, got down and opened the doors. Mirae, Jinri, and Hyejung all got out, adjusting their belts.

“So, what happened here?” Yongguk handed them each their detectors.

They all looked at Mirae. “It just exploded, oppa” she explained. “I didn’t do it, as I’ve said, I was walking down here with my friend and we stopped to talk about something and then I pulled him out of the way because it suddenly exploded”

Hyejung raised a brow. “Him? Is he-” she gave her a knowing look, and giggled when Mirae nodded.

“Why? What’s with her story?” Jinri looked at Hyejung.

“I’ll tell you about it later” Hyejung said with a grin, while the three men in front of them still looked confused. “Sorry, you were saying?” she looked at Yongguk sheepishly.

But Yongguk eventually had caught on. “Oh….okay” he nodded. “Anyway, that’s what Mirae’s witnessed. The police reports say that the store was closed for the day, according to the owner, he closed it early because he had to pick up some new imports. Apparently, it was broken into from the inside. CCTV footage recorded 3 hooded men sneaking into the side of the building, possibly to go through the back entrance” he explained.

“They were looking for the diamond” Hyejung nodded.

“Perhaps, as all the diamonds in the store were stolen before the explosion happened” Yongguk nodded as well.

“Which is good for us, in a way…” Jinri shrugged. “Okay, I guess we can go in”

The three of them went under the yellow police tape and into the burned down establishment. “Well, the good news for the owner is, the silver, platinum, and gold may be scorched but the jewels still remain intact” Hyejung said, once they scattered around the store.

“I’d like to think they’ve survived enough heat before they could actually melt. They could probably be pliable now” Jinri took a closer look at the sets of emerald jewelry that were covered in ash.

Mirae approached the back room and stepped inside. Everything in the back room remained intact, save for the burn marks on the walls and the dust covered jeweller’s torch and other equipment. “We’re going to need Zitao if we really want to find out who did this” she muttered.

“Hey girls, look at this” Hyejung spotted a missing cabinet from the drawers behind the glass display counters. “Something’s missing” she said.

Mirae and Jinri went up to her at once. “What is it?” Mirae asked.

Hyejung bent down to take a closer look. “A missing cabinet. And it looks like someone was in a hurry, part of it’s still back in there” she said.

“That’s not all,” Mirae spotted something on the wall next to the shelf.

“What do you mean?” Jinri turned to her this time.

There was a strange red symbol branded onto the scorched wall. “This. This looks weird. Like a crest or something, you know? Like those royal seals branded on the wax of old timey letters?” she said.

“Yeah, yeah” Hyejung and Jinri looked at the sign as well. “Do you think it could come from.. Well, those things?” Jinri said.

“I don’t know, maybe” Mirae signaled Yongguk over. “But we should take note of this. The guys must have found something” she said.

“What’s going on- Oh” Yongguk stepped inside, and stopped when he saw the symbol. Holding up his polaroid camera, he took a photo. “Did you girls find anything else?” he said.

“This room is completely blown up, but the back room seems to be intact” Hyejung explained.

Yongguk went over to check, stepping inside the back room. He inspected the place and looked at the jeweller’s torches and equipment. “You girls are right. The back room is partially intact” he said upon coming back.

Daehyun soon came in. “We just got a call. The K unit investigated those run down buildings where the body was spotted. And, they have 2 goblins with them for questioning” he reported.

“Alright, this is it, girls. Time to head back into the Center” Yongguk gestured to the exit.

Just then, something burst through the back room door, tackling Yongguk and hitting Mirae, sending her flying across the room and hitting the shelf, the shelf falling over her.

“Mirae! Yongguk oppa!” Hyejung shouted, her eyes wide as she saw what hit them. A black creature, with pointed ears, a pointed nose, and sharp teeth was looking at them. It was wearing a kind of gold plated armor on its chest, arms, and legs. “The diamond” it growled, attempting to come at Daehyun.

It was soon sent flying across the room and onto the other shelf, the display falling over her. Jinri and Hyejung stood by, watching it. “Oppa, Daehyun, go back in the van, now” Hyejung said. Daehyun quickly helped Yongguk up and rushed out of the store.

A small explosion was soon heard and Mirae suddenly burst through the structure that fell on top of her, and took her rod out, extending it to a staff. Her pupils were already glowing red. “Superhumans” the goblin grumbled as it got back up on it’s feet and brandished a sword from his armor.

“Okay, it’s armed, what are we going to do?” Jinri looked at both Hyejung and Mirae.

“We kill it, of course” Mirae suggested, eyeing the plank of wood by her feet. “Save the armor though. We might need that” she said.

“Agreed” Hyejung muttered.

“First, we disarm it, then we kill it. Sounds like a plan?” Mirae asked.

“You sound so sure” Jinri commented.

“I’m pissed, that’s why” Mirae picked up the plank of wood. The tips of her fingers glowed red as she threw it upwards and kicked it mid-air, sending the goblin through the wall. The goblin however, didn’t let go of its sword.

“The Prince will hear about this” it said as it got itself out.

Hyejung took her gun out. “The Prince?” she said, and started firing bullets at the creature, the rounds barely scratching the surface of the armor it wore. She turned to Jinri. “The Prince” she mouthed, putting her gun back into her belt.

“Prince Zeenohai will hear about this insolence” the goblin was walking towards Hyejung, about to strike, when she disappeared.

A hand soon appeared in a portal behind the goblin and Jinri blasted the goblin towards the other wall. The portal closed up and the three girls cornered it. “Did he send you to come here?” Hyejung asked.

The goblin rounded on Mirae again this time, and she instantly blocked his oncoming attack with her staff. “You will never get anything out of me”

Hyejung scoffed. “I think we already have. You’re just…” she looked through the back door. “You’re stalling..” she created another portal that had the back room on the other side and jumped in.

“Go with Hyejung, I’ll take this one down” Mirae said to Jinri, who nodded and followed Hyejung through the portal.

Jinri and Hyejung chased after the two hooded figures that ran out of the back entrance down the street. “How can we even catch up to them, they run so fast!” Jinri said, already sprinting behind Hyejung.

“When I count to 3, I’m sending you somewhere, you could probably corner them” Hyejung called out. “One, two, three!” she opened a portal and Jinri jumped inside.

Jinri found herself, to her surprise, standing in front of the two figures, only they were frozen in their places. She looked around and saw Minseok running towards her.

“Yongguk hyung called us in for backup” he immediately explained to her. “What’s going on?” he asked.

“I think they were coming back for the other jewels or something. I don’t know why they came back. They were the ones who caused the explosion” Jinri explained, a little out of breath.

Minseok nodded and turned to the frozen figures, stepping forward to take a closer look. “These are goblins..” he figured out.
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