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An Intergalactic Adventure Through Time and Space

Title: An Intergalactic Adventure Through Time And Space [Part 16 of ?]
Pairing: Baekhyun/OC with side Kyungsoo/main girl
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Friendship/Fluff/Fantasy
Summary: Once upon a time, there was a boy with a blue box. With his companions by his side, they traveled through time and space.
A/N: Happy Birthday Suho! :D

Junmyeon first heard about the Doctor from his father's stories. His father, Brigadier Kim, founded the Unified Intelligence task force back in the 80's, passing leadership to one of his closest friends when he had decided to finally retire, and Junmyeon wanted to continue doing what his father did, becoming UNIT's Chief Scientific Officer as well as being one of the youngest officers of the entire organization.

He had always wanted to meet the Doctor, his head was filled with questions he wanted to ask when the day would come and the Doctor would show up again. It came true on one of his birthdays, the Doctor showing up with his companion, and a boy called Captain Kyungsoo Do. ("You've had this place redecorated, didn't you? I don't like it" the Doctor said, upon looking at UNIT's brand new offices)

Now that he was turning 23, Junmyeon hoped that the Doctor would show up again. He quietly did his job, looking through his father's case files and reading information about some particular monsters that had invaded the planet. He always liked reading past events, especially when his father had been involved in helping the Doctor out.

Suddenly, he paused, a smile forming on his lips as he heard a familiar sound. He could see flashing light in the hallway from his office, and Junmyeon put the folders away before rushing to see what it was.

His smile grew wider as he saw the blue box that his father had always told him about, materializing at the end of the hallway and near the main doors. Junmyeon took a deep breath, trying not to show his excitement at first - the world might be in danger after all - before approaching the box.

The door of the TARDIS opened, and Baekhyun - that was the name the Doctor could come up with - peeked outside. "Kim Junmyeon," the Doctor said.

"Yes?" Junmyeon asked.

"First things first," Baekhyun stepped out, followed by his time lady, who just smiled at him. "Happy birthday to you!" he beamed, as Captain Kyungsoo stepped out of the TARDIS with cake on a platter, long and thin brightly colored candles were lit on top.

Junmyeon smiled the biggest smile as he closed his eyes and made a wish before blowing out the candles, Baekhyun and the time lady clapping excitedly. "So, Junmyeon, where and when do you want to go?" the Doctor asked.

He was suddenly lost for words at the question, his eyes widening with disbelief. This was what his father was talking about, and he knew better not to reject it.

The three people in front of him exchanged looks and smiled. "Come with us"

Now, Junmyeon can say he has seen it all for himself as well.