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An Intergalactic Adventure Through Time and Space

Title: An Intergalactic Adventure Through Time And Space [Part 17 of ?]
Pairing: Baekhyun/OC with side Kyungsoo/main girl
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Friendship/Fluff/Fantasy
Summary: Once upon a time, there was a boy with a blue box. With his companions by his side, they traveled through time and space.
A/N: This is a three-parter! featuring VIXX members as the Pater Noster gang and The Great Intelligence, and Baekhyun's BFF and one half of the ByunTae duo, Winner's Taehyun haha.

A man was rocking back and forth in his prison cell, his wrists shackled and his hands were covering his ears. A dark figure soon approached. A tall, hooded figure. Once the man saw it, he rocked back and forth again, waving a shaky finger in the air.

“Do you hear the whisper men, the whisper men are near. If you hear the whisper men, then turn away your ear. Do not hear the whisper men, whatever else you do. For once you've heard the whisper men,” the man approached the figure.

“They’ll stop, and look at you.” he said. “One word from you can spare me from the rope.”

“Then you may rely on my silence.” the figure took its hood off, revealing a man with very pale skin and small, dark eyes that matched his jet-black hair. His name was Leo, one third of the Pater Noster group.

“I have information,” the man said. “Valuable information.”

“Are you bargaining for your life?” Leo glared at him. “You have the blood of fourteen people in your hands, there are no words that can save your neck.” he turned on his heels and approached the exit.

“The Doctor”

Leo stopped in his place. A chill suddenly ran down his spine at the mere mention of the person. The Doctor. His dearest friend, who had introduced him to Hongbin when they were back in ancient Korea. Slowly turning back, he approached the cell again, and Leo could tell that the man had a small smile on his face.

“Yes,” he said. “I know all about your dangerous friend”

Leo stayed quiet, and the man took it as a hint to continue. “In the valley, there are whispers,” the man said. “If you know how to listen” he waved a finger at Leo. “The Doctor has a secret, you know”

“He has many” Leo stared at him.

The man just shook his head. “He has one he will take to the grave,” he paused, seeing the slight change in Leo’s expression.

“And it is discovered”


“We can’t let that terrible man live” Hongbin said as Leo took his coat off.

“He lives until I understand what he told me,” Leo looked down, contemplating what the man had told him earlier. He looked up at Hongbin again. “We’re going to need a conference call. I’ll send out the invitations, you get the candles” he said.

Hongbin quietly nodded and walked off, taking the nearby candles on the side tables. He stopped all of a sudden, seeing white figures move past the window at the end of the hall.

“Where’s Hyuk?” Leo suddenly appeared from the room in front of him. Hongbin furrowed his brows.

“The usual. It’s his weekend off, you know him” he shook his head in disapproval.

Leo rolled his eyes. “I wish he had never discovered that place”


“Master Hyuk, Master Hyuk!” a scholar came running towards the courtyard, the man with the name stood by, reading a scroll with calligraphy he had done, and looked up at once.

“What is it, boy?” he said.

“It’s a message! Very urgent!” the scholar held up a piece of paper and handed it over.

Hyuk unfolded the piece of paper and read it. “Conference call” he muttered. Looking around, he spotted a big tree and took a few steps back. Eyeing the scholar, he dropped his scroll and the telegram. “Whatever you do, don’t stop me” he said.

Hyuk ran as fast as he could, bumping head first into the tree trunk and he fell to the ground unconscious.


Hongbin lit the candle on the table in front of him and Leo. “Sleep well” he said. Leo nodded as he closed his eyes.

They soon found themselves still seated on the table, but their room was different. The sudden chimes and gongs that sounded in the distance gave Hongbin the hint that they were somewhere in ancient China. He smiled. “I like the new desktop” he said.

“I got a little bored of the Taj Mahal,” Leo said, suddenly drawing up a bottle of soju out of thin air, along with some glasses and poured some in each glass. “We should be expecting them any moment now”

Hyuk appeared in a puff of smoke, seated next to Hongbin. “Ah, Hyuk, good thing you joined us” Leo said.

“What is this all about? I was about to do some more calligraphy when you called for me” Hyuk answered, taking a glass.

“I’m sorry for interrupting but there is urgent news concerning the Doctor” Leo took a small sip out of his own glass.

Hyuk noticed that there were three vacant seats left and glanced back at Leo and Hongbin. “Who else is coming?”

“Two men and a woman, a few more of the Doctor’s good friends” Leo answered.

Two people had suddenly appeared in another puff of smoke. A boy and a girl. “Captain Kyungsoo, Time lady” Leo nodded at them, while Hyuk and Hongbin smiled.

“Leo, Hongbin, Hyuk, nice seeing the three of you again” Kyungsoo said.

“Wh-where are we?” the Time Lady said.

“Exactly where you are, but sleeping,” Hongbin smiled.

“Time travel has always been possible in dreams. We’re now only waiting for one more person” Leo nodded.

Hyuk, upon hearing this, groaned. “Not the one with the weird eyebrows”

Another puff of smoke, and a boy had appeared as well, with eyebrows that seemed to slant upwards in the middle. He smiled upon seeing the three men. “Leo” he said.

“Professor Nam Taehyun” Leo gave a nod, in which the boy with the said name returned. “Help yourself to some soju” he gestured to the glasses in the middle of the table.

“Why thank you” Taehyun smiled, producing a juice box out of thin air and taking a sip.

Hongbin’s eyes widened. “How did you do that?”

Taehyun just smiled and said “Disgracefully,” and took another sip.

“Professor Nam, this is Captain Kyungsoo, and the Time lady, the Doctor’s, um,” Leo paused. “The Doctor’s, um,”

“Significant other” Hongbin suddenly cut in.

The Time lady and Kyungsoo looked at Taehyun, who just smiled. “I’m Professor Nam Taehyun, the Doctor might have mentioned me” he said.

“Yeah, he has mentioned you to me a few times before” Kyungsoo nodded. “Nice to meet you, I’m Captain Kyungsoo Do, former fighter pilot” he smiled.

The Time Lady nodded slightly. “Of course he has, Professor Nam” she said. “I-I’m sorry, I didn’t realize you were so, young looking”

Taehyun just smiled and went back to taking a few more sips of his juice. “Neither did I” Hyuk suddenly said.

“So, you’re a friend of his then?” the Time Lady asked, Kyungsoo downing his soju in one go.

Taehyun nodded. “A very old friend. I’ve known him since we were kids” he said.

Leo looked at all of them and cleared his throat to break the silence that ensued. “I think we should get down to the business at hand”

“That might be good, yes” Hongbin nodeed instantly, while Kyungsoo poured more soju into his glass. Leo waved a hand in front of them, and an image of a man materialized in thin air.

“Cha Hakyeon, murderer, under sentence of death. He offered us this, in exchange for his life” Leo waved a hand again, and this time, some symbols appeared, small and big circles with numbers surrounding it.

“Space-time coordinates” Kyungsoo and Taehyun suddenly said in unison. They glanced at each other for a moment before turning back to Leo, Hongbin, and Hyuk.

“Where do these point to, exactly?” Kyungsoo asked.

“He said one word” Leo answered.

“What word?” Taehyun asked.

“A word I heard in connection with the Doctor before,” he said. “Trenzalore”

Taehyun’s face changed, as well as Kyungsoo and the Time lady’s. All three of them with stunned looks on their faces. “How exactly did he describe what he was giving you?”

“Oh god, Baekhyun,” the Time lady muttered. She could feel the hairs on her arms standing up at the mention of the place. She glanced at Kyungsoo, who just nodded, his hand that was holding the glass shaking slightly.

Leo waved a hand in front of them again, and the image of the man appeared again.

“The Doctor has a secret he will take to the grave, and it is discovered” his voice echoed through the walls of the room, and Hongbin suddenly felt a chill against his cheek.

“This is apparently the location of the Doctor’s greatest secret” Leo said.

“Which is?” the Time Lady asked.

“We don’t know, it’s a secret” Hongbin shook his head.

“The Doctor does not discuss his secrets with anyone. If you’re still entertaining the idea that you are an exception to this rule, ask yourself one question,” Leo paused. “What is his name?”

The whole room fell silent, and the Time Lady could only glance at Kyungsoo, who poured more soju into his glass. “He has a lot of names, but he never says his real name” he muttered. Leo and Hongbin nodded.

“Well, I know it” Taehyun suddenly said.

The Time Lady turned to him. “What? You know his name, he told you?” she asked.

“I made him,” Taehyun answered. “It took a while” he added. “It’s been so long”

“And he’s still never contacted you?” Leo asked him.

Taehyun shook his head. “He doesn’t like endings” he sighed.

“Leo, I-I just realized that I forgot to lock the door” Hongbin sputtered, sitting still.

“It doesn’t matter” Leo shook his head.

Another whimper came from Hongbin, and Kyungsoo glanced at him. “Sorry, I-I should have locked it when we went into the trance-“

“Hongbin, it doesn’t matter” Leo said again.

“Sorry, I’m so sorry I,” Hongbin stuttered. “So sorry”

“Hongbin?” Leo turned to him.

“Speak!” Hyuk said.

“So sorry, I-“ Hongbin whimpered “I think I’ve been murdered”

A tear fell on his cheek, and all of them stared at him as he was slowly disappearing. The Time Lady and Kyungsoo looked around. “What’s happening? Hongbin!” Leo said.

Taehyun stood up. “You’re under attack, you should wake up now, wake up, just do it!” he reached over and slapped Leo, who instantly disappeared. The Time Lady and Kyungsoo stood up as well.

“You too Hyuk, wake up, wake up now!” he took the glass and splashed his face with the contents. Hyuk instantly disappeared.

The three of them now found themselves surrounded by men in suits and tophats, with very pale skin, and no eyes. Their lips were thin, and they hissed, baring sharp teeth. “Tell the Doctor, tell the Doctor, tell the Doctor” they chanted, almost like a whisper.

“Tell him what?” the Time Lady asked, slightly sandwiched between Taehyun and Kyungsoo as the men surrounded them. “Tell him what?”

An image of another man appeared in the middle of the table again. “His friends are lost forever more, unless he goes to Trenzalore.” he said.

“No, you can’t say that, you know he can’t,” Taehyun shook his head, and the Time Lady could feel a chill run down her spine.

“The Doctor can never go to Trenzalore, no, never” he shook his head again.

“What do we do?” the Time Lady looked up at Kyungsoo.

Kyungsoo took a deep breath as he kept her covered, in case the men wanted to attack. “We’ll have to tell the Doctor, Baekhyun, everything” he said.