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An Intergalactic Adventure Through Time and Space

Title: An Intergalactic Adventure Through Time And Space [Part 18 of ?]
Pairing: Baekhyun/OC with side Kyungsoo/main girl
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Friendship/Fluff/Fantasy
Summary: Once upon a time, there was a boy with a blue box. With his companions by his side, they traveled through time and space.
A/N: This is a three-parter! featuring VIXX members as the Pater Noster gang and The Great Intelligence, and Baekhyun's BFF and one half of the ByunTae duo, Winner's Taehyun haha. This is Part 2!

The Time Lady opened her eyes. She was back inside the TARDIS, in its kitchen as she was when she received the invitation. Kyungsoo was lying a few feet away from her and she could see him get up. She could hear Baekhyun calling for them a mile away, and she could feel her two hearts suddenly pounding. She got up and dusted herself off. “Baekhyun didn’t tell me his real name,” she said.

Kyungsoo sighed and shook his head. “There’s a reason why he doesn’t say his real name, Professor Nam had to make him tell him his real name, Baekhyun didn't just say it in confidence,” he said.

The Time Lady looked down, and Kyungsoo could feel the sadness wash over both of them. “Then why? Why didn’t he think of telling me his real name? Why doesn’t he just say it to anyone who asks? Is it because of the Silence?” she said.

“Because if Baekhyun just says his real name,” Kyungsoo paused. “If Baekhyun, the Doctor, says his real name, the Time Lords will know that he is alive, and that he is wherever he is, and the Time War will begin again, and billions will die, and planets will be destroyed. You’ve seen it, seen the Daleks, right?” he said. The Time Lady just nodded.

“Silence will fall when the question is asked” she said.

Kyungsoo nodded. “We have to get back to the control room, Baekhyun’s probably been looking for us for a while now”

The Time Lady nodded and walked off, Kyungsoo following her from behind. Upon reaching the control room, they could see Baekhyun wearing safety goggles and a sleek, silver and bronze object that emitted a green light. “Where have you two been? Did your food take a while to make?” he asked.

“Uh, we had a conference call with your friends” the Time Lady answered. “Leo, Hongbin, and Hyuk” she said.

The slight smile on Baekhyun’s face disappeared, and the Time Lady walked up to him and reached for his hand, holding it. “I think you need some hot chocolate” she said, offering a small smile.

~~~~~ A few moments later ~~~~~

The Time Lady poured hot chocolate into three mugs, glancing over at Baekhyun and Kyungsoo, who stayed seated on the chairs in the dining area. “So, who was he? the guy with the weird eyebrows and the sad looking face?” she asked.

“An old friend,” Baekhyun stared at the floor, and Kyungsoo stood up to put a few marshmallows in each mug, bringing them back to their table. “So, Taehyun asked Leo for the exact words, what were they?” he asked, taking a sip of his hot chocolate.

The Time Lady glanced at Kyungsoo, and then back at Baekhyun. “The Doctor has a secret he will take to the grave, and it is discovered-“

She stopped at once when she saw Baekhyun’s eyes well with tears. He put the mug down and he looked down at the floor. “It was Trenzalore, it was definitely Trenzalore” he said shakily. The Time Lady knelt down on both knees in front of him, holding both his hands. Kyungsoo put his mug down and sighed.

“Sweetie? Are you alright?” she asked, a hand reaching up to cup his cheek.

Baekhyun sniffled and nodded, wiping his eyes. “Yes, yes, sorry” he said, standing up and leaving the room, the Time Lady and Kyungsoo following him right away.

They followed him back to the control room, Kyungsoo still bringing the mugs of hot chocolate on a tray. “What’s wrong? Tell me, please” the Time Lady said.

Baekhyun turned around and wiped his eyes again, sighing shakily. “Trenzalore, I’ve heard the name. A lot of people told me about it, I never thought I’d have to find out myself,” he said, climbing down the stairs and sitting down on the floor. “Taehyun would know though, Taehyun always knew”

“Know what?” the Time Lady asked, following him. She sat down in front of Baekhyun. “What does he know that you don’t? What’s going on?”

Baekhyun held both her hands. “When you’re a time traveler, there is one place you must never go,” he paused, looking up and back at her. “One place in all of space and time, you must never, ever find yourself. Think about it, sweetie” he let go of one hand to cup her cheek.

“Where?” she asked.

“The Doctor has a secret he will take to the grave, he wasn’t talking about my secret,” Baekhyun shook his head. “That’s not what’s been found, he was talking about my,” he paused. “Grave,”

“Trenzalore, is where I’m buried”

Baekhyun stood up again and pulled her to her feet. “Grave? What do you mean grave? How can we have graves?” she asked.

“Because we all do, somewhere out there in the future, waiting for us, the thing with time travel is that you can actually end up visiting it” Baekhyun climbed up the stairs and back to the control panels.

“They found your grave?” Kyungsoo raised a brow. Baekhyun nodded.

“We have to save Leo, Hongbin, and Hyuk before it’s too late” Baekhyun looked at the panels. “They were there for me, for us, during the dark times. They never questioned me, never judged me, they were just,” he sighed. “Kind”

He felt a pair of arms wrap around his waist and he leaned against the Time Lady. Kyungsoo put a hand on his shoulder. “You know what we have to do” he said.

Baekhyun looked at both of them and stood up straight. “There’s no point in telling me this is too dangerous”

“None at all” the Time Lady shook her head and smiled. “How can we save them?”

Baekhyun reached for the lever. “Apparently, by breaking into my own tomb” and he pulled it.