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An Intergalactic Adventure Through Time And Space

Note: This is inspired by the first serial for the 5th series of Classic Who. (2nd Doctor woot woot!) and I really liked it when I watched it. Here you guys go!

Title: The Tomb Of The Cyber Men Part 22 of ?

The TARDIS had materialized on top of a rocky mountain. "Where did we land?" Kyungsoo looked up from his seat as he polished his guns and slid them back into the holsters underneath his coat.

"I, don't know" Baekhyun looked up at the monitor. There were no signals, no indication of where they had landed. He pounded lightly on the sides of the monitor after pressing a few buttons. A beeping sound was heard until a word came up. "Telos" he read. He turned around to his Time Lady and Kyungsoo. "We're in Telos" he said, his expression serious.

"What's wrong? Is this planet dangerous?" the Time Lady asked, taking a peek at the monitor for more information.

"I've-I've been here before. Well, not exactly with this face, but you know" Baekhyun replied, his eyebrows furrowed together in thought. "There is something here on this planet and it's not exactly going to be a walk on the beachy things"

They heard a loud explosion outside and Kyungsoo stood up instantly. "I'll take a look, it might not be safe" he took one of his guns out and headed to the door.


"It's really just a big rock, that's all it is" Yixing, the leader of the group, looked at his map and then to the few people that were with him.

"Were our readings wrong then?" Minseok, the group's pilot asked. "I checked the coordinates, it must be here. We should have landed at the correct place" He reached for his own communicator, and held it up to scan the rock formation above.

"Don't worry, we'll soon find out" Chanyeol, the co-pilot of the group, took a hand grenade out of his pocket, pulled the ring and threw it as far as he could. The grenade hit a part of the rock formation and they watched it explode. As the smoke and more destroyed rocks were cleared, it revealed what looked like a hidden entrance. "We've found it after all" he cheered.

They climbed up for a while until they reached the entrance. The walls beside the two doors had drawings of two robot-like creatures. "This is a historic breakthrough in this expedition of ours, everyone" Yixing smiled proudly, looking on at the doors.

"How do we get in?" Luhan, one of the archaeologists, said. "The doors might have something dangerous on them" he picked up a rock and threw it at the doors.

Electric currents suddenly came out of the doors and the rock was soon on the ground. The currents disappeared, and a black patch appeared on the doors that seemed to stretch out into black lines.

"How do we get in now?" Chanyeol stared at the entrance.


Baekhyun, the Time Lady, and Kyungsoo had soon appeared, and the group stood back. "Who are you all?" Yixing stood in front of the group.

"Ah, I see you guys have found this" Baekhyun held up his sonic pen at the gates. "What is this?" he asked, his brows furrowing again in thought.

"We're certainly not telling you. You must be from a rival expedition" Luhan scoffed. "We've worked too hard for this and there's no way you three will get to what we can find in here" he said.

Baekhyun, the Time Lady, and Kyungsoo exchanged looks. "Well we're not exploring, well, technically we are, but we have no intention of stealing whatever it is you're discovering in there" Baekhyun waved his hands dismissively.

"How did you get here then? Where's your ship?" Minseok raised a brow.

"Over there, somewhere" the Time Lady pointed back. "What are you exploring for anyway?" she asked this time.

Yixing stepped forward. "We're here to find the remains of the Cybermen" he answered.

Baekhyun's eyes widened, and so did Kyungsoo's. "Cybermen? They were wiped out centuries ago" he said.

"Yes, and this is their tomb. We will explore this and take our findings back to Earth for further analysis" Luhan said. "We can't really get in now anyway"

The Time Lady pointed her sonic pen to the gates. The rest of the group stood by and watched with anxious faces. "Oh, well this is interesting" she poked the gate with a finger. Turning back to the group, she pocketed her sonic pen. "Well, the gate's open, we can go in after all" she gently pushed the doors back.

The doors opened to a huge control panel, with hundreds of what looked like light bulbs above it. A big round hatch that had a small stepladder was on the left, and two panels that had the same drawings of the robot-like creatures were on both sides of the control panel. A round table and a few round stools were there as well.

Yixing immediately went up to the control panel, followed by Baekhyun. "This is fascinating" he looked at all the buttons and levers in amazement, writing down everything on a small notebook. "We're having a really big breakthrough in this"

"I could see that" Baekhyun observed him.

One lever was suddenly pulled and the doors of the chamber started to close. They all turned to the doors and Minseok went up to it, pounding on it a few times. "How the hell did this happen?" he asked.

"There are hardly any doors except for this one. How can we get out now?" Luhan asked.

"Well, there are a few more doors here" Baekhyun said as-a-matter-of-factly. He pointed to the two panels with the drawings and pressed two buttons. The panels lifted up at once.

Yixing looked at him suspiciously. "You seem to be very familiar with this, uh,"

"Doctor. I'm the Doctor" Baekhyun held out his hand and Yixing shook it.

"I'm Yixing. The leader of this expedition. Minseok over there, is our ship's pilot, Chanyeol is our co-pilot, and Luhan is one of our best archaeologists" Yixing gestured to each of them.

Baekhyun nodded. "Well, I am the Doctor. This lovely lady is my Time Lady, and Captain Kyungsoo" he gestured to both of them.

"Former fighter pilot from the 51st century, from the Boeshane Peninsula" Kyungsoo chimed in.

"But that is not important here" Baekhyun side-eyed him. He turned back to the group, who ended up looking confused. "It's all wibbly-wobbly timey wimey stuff, and again, that is not important to know" he side-eyed Kyungsoo again, who just rolled his eyes.

"I have to look cool" Kyungsoo muttered.

"You can't be cool at a time like this" Baekhyun muttered back.

"Anyway! It's really all symbolic logic" the Time Lady pointed to the buttons Baekhyun pressed. "And logic is essential in an expedition, right, Yixing?" she said.

Yixing nodded. "Yes, yes. Now, we should split up into groups. I will go with the Doctor and Minseok, while Chanyeol will go with Kyungsoo into the room past the panel at the right, and Luhan will go with the Time Lady" he explained.

The rest of them nodded and split up.