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treat yo self

An Intergalactic Adventure Through Time And Space

Part: 23 of ?

"I would be very careful if I were all of you on this expedition" Baekhyun watched Yixing and Minseok inspect the control panel in front of them again while the rest went to the two panels on the left and the right. "Very, very careful" he added ominously.

Yixing looked at his notes and Minseok sat on the steps of the hatch. "There must be something related to the cybermen in this, or at least something that can tell us what's in that hatch" he sat down and looked at his notes again. "There is a binary code, but I always end up missing something in this equation" he looked at his other notes.

Baekhyun stepped forward, taking the notebook from Yixing and flipped through the pages. "Well, most of the equations you did are correct, you just haven't figured out the nine integrates that make the definite series" he nodded. Yixing sighed in relief. "If you multiply the first number of the first equation with the first number of the second equation, you will have the first three numbers of the power series for the control panel" he eyed the levers and buttons.

Minseok and Yixing listened intently. "And then you multiply the second number of the first equation with the second number of the second equation, you will get the next three numbers, multiply the first number of the first equation with the last number of the second equation, you'd have," Baekhyun took the pen and scribbled on it. He handed the notebook back to Yixing with a grin. Yixing and Minseok instantly huddled together to take a look. "There you go, the power series" he said. "But I wouldn't try to operate that if I were you" Baekhyun's expression fell.

"Why not?" Minseok asked curiously.

"Because it's potentially dangerous. I'm sorry to say that while I'm here, you can't do anything, especially find the Cybermen" Baekhyun warned them.

"Says who? This is an expedition we've always wanted to do for years" Yixing said.

"Says me" Baekhyun smiled.


Chanyeol and Kyungsoo entered a darker room, with another control panel and a dark elevated stage above it. "So, where did you guys come from?" Chanyeol asked Kyungsoo, who just looked around warily.

"It's hard to explain, you wouldn't really believe me if I told you" Kyungsoo replied, looking at the buttons and levers on the panel.

Chanyeol scoffed. "Try me" he said. He stopped when he looked at the panels. "What is this room used for anyway?"

Kyungsoo noticed a silver cyber rat on the floor, its position stationary. "For making these, maybe? The Doctor told me about this once" he picked it up and held it up in front of Chanyeol.

"Don't touch that!" Chanyeol knocked it out of Kyungsoo's hands and it landed on the floor.

"What did you do that for?" Kyungsoo raised a brow at him as he picked it up. "It's not moving or anything. It's dead"

"But we don't know that" Chanyeol panicked.


The Time Lady and Luhan found themselves in a room with a small set of levers and buttons behind a giant laser that pointed to what looked like a giant mold shaped like a cyberman. "What is this? They used a laser?" Luhan began taking down notes.

"We shouldn't touch anything" the Time Lady took her sonic pen out and pointed it to the surroundings. "At least not until we find out what these are" she tapped her pen a few times, for a reading.

"Of course. First rule of archaeology. Never touch anything unless it's been recorded" Luhan stood in front of the laser. "Maybe this is where they made the cybermen" he looked at every detail of the contraption in front of him.

The Time Lady walked up to him and stood beside him. "Of course, this laser must be the thing responsible for," she looked around, as if the word she was looking for was in sight. "Resurrecting them? No, that's not it" she shook her head.

They turned around to take a closer look at the mold. "It makes sense, yes" Luhan nodded, then turned to take down more notes.


Yixing and Minseok pulled a few levers, and the lights of the screens in front of them started blinking in rapid succession. "There must be a way to open that hatch. The Cybermen must be in this place somewhere, along with the records that are kept during their existence" Yixing said, eyeing the hatch behind Baekhyun.

"The Cybermen are not as dormant as you think," Baekhyun warned them. "I really would be careful if I were you" he said.

They suddenly heard a scream coming from the door on the left. Baekhyun's eyes widened. "My Time Lady" he muttered, and without another word, he fled the room.